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Q2 Touchstone (Q2T)

An online tool that enables teachers to integrate Qualitative and Quantitative data
  • Combines student performance and behavior data
  • Supports customizable targeted criteria to record student data
  • Assists in extracting the most value from student data
Q2T enables teachers to define multiple indicators of achievement such as observation checklists and rating scales within Q2 Records to track and analyze students’ academic and behavior information
Classroom teachers, special education teachers, ESL teachers, early childhood teachers, school psychologist, school counselors, specialists, and interventionists
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Q2T Empowers Teachers To:
  • Create student Q2 records for different purposes such as: behavior, academic performance, social development, emotional development, knowledge, skill, and learning processes
  • Plan student observations using targeted criteria
  • Record data gathered via direct observations and reviewing student work
  • Create and use flexible criteria such as: checklists, rating scales, frequency counts, duration recordings, and environmental analysis
  • Analyze student strengths and areas of need to create action plans
  • Use data for curriculum planning and report cards
  • Provide feedback to students
  • Track progress over time
  • Provide evidence for all RTI tiers
  • Share Q2 Records that include student performance with parents and colleagues

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